A helpful guide to buying fasteners from A-Series Spares

We have created this guide to help save you time a money when buying your fasteners through our on-line shop. We chose to guide through the fasteners category as it has the most variables. Most of our customers have found our menu structure easy to navigate but several users less familiar with internet purchasing have needed to ring through to our office for assistance.

Using the navigation menu on the left hand side of our website, please select ‘Fasteners and Fittings’. Select the type of fastener and material that you wish to purchase. On the next screen select your ‘Thread Type’ and ‘Diametre’. Now that you are on the product page you can read about the product, see its DIN spec or BS code and see the length options.

On the left hand side under the price you will see a drop down menu (pictured) From this menu you can select the Quantity and Length, you can select packs or 10’s or 50’s from this menu. Should you need larger quantites please send an enquiry through to our sales team who will work on a quotation for you.

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